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Accessible Renovations 

Accessible Renovations, Barrier Free Kitchen, Bathroom Renovations and Premium Shower Units are at the forefront of the new requirements for accessibility for an aging population that wants to enjoy their homes without moving.

SweetHome Spaces has the necessary planning, designing and construction skills to achieve the supply and installation of the appropriate features, devices and fixtures that you may be looking for in your New Accessible Kitchen, Bathroom, Living and/or Entrance areas for your home.

SweetHome Spaces can supply and install your New Kitchen & Bath Accessible sinks and stoves, special needs raised toilets, strategically located grab bars and offers the replacement of all door ball knobs to lever knobs for ease of use when opening doors​.

Installation of outside ramps, entrance elevators and modern discrete 180° Stair Lifts are just a few of the devices and fixtures that will make your home more accessible and safe to your loved ones.

Espacious Accessible Bathroom

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