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                                                     H   O   M   E           I   M   P   R   O   V   E   M   E   N   T   S 

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          Alberto has a real passion for service!

           Alberto uses his passion assisting clients with all their various Home Improvement needs. A trusted and well-trained professional who strives to provide you with the best solution and a great personal experience

          Alberto's clients express their high degree of comfort and satisfaction with the dedication and effort he puts into making sure that all customers receive top quality service and amazing results

          Alberto kindly invites you to visit SweetHome Spaces website to find detailed listing information, Additions, Kitchen & Bath Renovations, Accessible and Basement Renovations

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          “A Bit More About Alberto”

          Alberto is a Civil Engineer educated in Guadalajara Mexico. A father of four children: Alberto, Ana Paula, Sofia and Juan Pablo who moved to Canada in the winter of 1997. At the time Alberto was pursuing and later earned his Civil Engineering MASc degree from the University of Toronto

          While doing his studies, Alberto learned of the possibility of staying in Canada and, with letters of support from the UofT Housing Service Manager and his Professors, he and his family obtained Landed Immigrant Status, which later led to later becoming Canadian citizens as early as 2003

          Even before obtaining his citizenship, Alberto purchased his first home in Canada. A Beautiful Home located close to the Mississauga Campus of the UofT and the Credit River and Credit Woodlands. Alberto has remained residing in the Mississauga area up to date 

          “Starting a Small Business”

          Coming from a merchant family, Alberto soon stepped away from Corporate Life and made his way into establish an independent small business as a General Contractor. Under the SweetHome Spaces umbrella, Alberto has been serving the Mississauga, Oakville, Burlington, Brampton, Etobicoke and Toronto Areas since 2001

          Alberto and his SweetHome Spaces team have performed an innumerable and varied type of renovations in the Greater Toronto Area. Starting with Small Handyman Jobs to Recreational Basements, Legal Second Units, Kitchen & Bathroom Renovations, Main Floor and/or Upper Floor Renovations, Multiple Accessible Renovations, Energy Efficient Improvements and all the way to Full House Makeovers, Major Top, Side and Back Additions and Home Improvements

          Alberto and his team have been doing all these renovations with an impeccable record as a BILD/RenoMark Renovator, Insured and Licensed in Toronto and Mississauga, licenses that require a stringent Building Code tests 

          All these renovations were conducted in a wide variety of residential properties from recent built, just after warranty ended, to 5, 25, 50, 75- and 100-years old homes. During this processes Alberto has gained a lot experience and developed a deep knowledge and understanding of the intricacies of construction of Residential Construction as it is done in Ontario

          As per his personal motto, Alberto enjoys serving his new and many repeating customers always attempting

          “To give the best experience of his person to every person who God puts in front of him”


          Alberto would like to be able to use his knowledge, experience and service skills to introduce himself and learn of your needs and wants as a Seller or Buyer, so he can provide his best efforts to serve you, and as he puts it: 

“A Vocation for Service, To serve you and to serve you well”

          ​To learn more about Alberto and how he can be of service to you, call him, text him, email him, he will always answer or get back to you at his earliest opportunity

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