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SweetHome Spaces Modular Services Model offers the proper treatment of your home improvement project


While caring for your home as a whole, we respond to a full range of individual needs for larger or smaller renovations, putting special attention to functionality, appearance, comfort and space enjoyment

Our One-Call-Service offers you the opportunity to address a wide variety of home improvements, renovations, adaptation, maintenance and repairs

We start with a "Free Personal On-Site Consultation" so we can learn about your “Needs & Wants”


We work with you to identify the particularities of your your renovation vision, your budget, your personal concerns regarding your project feasibility, design and details, any paperwork that may be needed to submit to the city for approval, your special selections and your particular expectations

Once we have integrated all necessary information about your project, we prepare a fully itemised 


“First Draft Written Estimate” 


for you and us to review together, edit as needed and, once all your questions have been addressed, turn it into a 


“Formal Written Agreement” 


that will lead us to an early 


"Booking & Start of your Project" 

Architectural, Design, Selections, Engineering and Permits

In order to respond to your needs with professional advice in the selection of the most specific finishes of your preference, SweetHome Spaces combines its efforts with a variety of Architects, Engineers, Interior Decorators, Showrooms and Suppliers in different areas of the city 


As per our business tradition, all discounts by all our suppliers are directly transferred to you, the customer 


These resources help us respond to your vision and, particular project’s complexities and challenges

A particular area of service we provide is "Permit Drawings" including the resolution of the architectural design and engineering needs of your project. We do this by conducting all the necessary analysis and designs, putting your project in the proper position to achieve a fast and efficient "Building Permit" processing and facilitate the booking, start, execution, completion, and inspections of your project 


Further city requirements like "Committee of Adjustment Reviews" and "Orders to Comply" and approvals are also professionally managed by our team at the different Greater Toronto Area Municipalities.


Your Satisfaction is guaranteed!

Our Production Management Team

Depending on the size of your project, we assign a Dedicated Project Manager, a Lead Carpenter or a Professional Handyman along with the necessary support assistants

Our team takes care of your project needs in a timely and detail oriented manner, helping you through the decision making and execution process in an on budget and schedule, clean and caring friendly renovation experience

At the same time, our “Code of Ethics”, require us that all our projects meet all code requirements, regulations and satisfy all applicable authorities’ special requests

Your Satisfaction is Guaranteed!

Our unique "SweetHome Spaces after Sales Customer’s Service and Guaranty Program" starts with our traditional "Walkthrough-Checklist". We never consider a project finished before all items of this Check-List have been serviced to your satisfaction

Later on, as time goes by and the renovated space is being utilized, in some cases, additional details may be identified

So, as part of your "Renovation Package", we provide a sequence of forms for your to "Check-List" all items that may need further service or attention and pass them onto us 45 days, 6 months or 1 year basis after the project completion and we will just service your project at no cost to you

With SweetHome Spaces you can rest assured that your renovation will be serviced and you can continue to enjoy your renovated space as originally planned and envisioned

Call SweetHome Spaces for a Successful Renovation


  • Budget and schedule service model

  • Interior Design Assistance

  • Top quality materials

  • Detail oriented workmanship

  • Built to code / Inspection Ready

  • Clean, neat and organized job site

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